"The Future looks quite bright"

Mikko Sihvonen, Manchester Metropolitan University

I think the future for public service media looks quite bright at the moment. We’ve seen quite successful transformations in some European countries from the traditional license fee model to a more kind of like funding through taxation. And changes in the commercial television sector also demonstrate that there is an ongoing need for public service media – that market failure in broadcasting hasn’t been by no means diminished by the expansion of the commercial sector. But it looks like that actually there is more and more need for certain programs like news programs, minority interest content and so and so to be produced by public service broadcasters.

Neue Gesichter im Studio, Vorarlberg heute abspielen
Neue Gesichter im Studio
Vorarlberg heute
Warum man „The Team“ nicht verpassen sollte, Heinrich Mis, ORF Filmchef abspielen
Warum man „The Team“ nicht verpassen sollte
Heinrich Mis, ORF Filmchef
Birgit Schwarz setzt eine Tradition fort, Birgit Schwarz, Bürochefin ORF-Berlin abspielen
Birgit Schwarz setzt eine Tradition fort
Birgit Schwarz, Bürochefin ORF-Berlin

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