Public Value and the meaning for a community

Lizzie Jackson, Ravensbourne College

Public value is found in the quality of messages but also in the breadth of messages, the right of reply, how informed a citizenry is, how able they are to change their lives to make decisions to act in the interest of themselves, their family, their immediate community and the wider community and their region. It also enhances the ability of a nation to enhance its own standing globally and to communicate with its neighbors and with other cultures and to increase tolerance – and spiritual values as well as capital values, economic values, practical concerns and considerations.

Dialogforum "Public Network Value", mit Keynote von Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Steinmaurer abspielen
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Dialogforum "Public Network Value"
mit Keynote von Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Steinmaurer

Public Value Bericht 2017/18