Educational Media Agreement
Federal Ministry of Education (BMB) and ORF  

(Editorial abstract)

The main purpose of the “educational media agreement” is to provide support and foster creative activities in the field of audio-visual educational media; producing content with a focus on general education and current affairs. The parties of this agreement aim to supply the financial revenue of those activities to the area of education.
In the process, fulfilment of the educational requirements of the BMB (creative productions for schools and in the area of youth education) as well as ORF program demands (educational documentaries during primetime targeted at a mass audience) is crucial. A group of six team members - three of each contract party - is allocated to handle the administrative aspects of the corporation, draft recommendations and give advice on productions.

In order to realise the set goals of the “educational media agreement”, ORF and BMB plan to assign filmmakers and production companies to produce the audio-visual educational material.

Once or twice a year producers, directors and authors should receive a written “call” – a joint invitation from the parties of the agreement - to submit their current projects, which ideally should be concerned with topics such as history, political education, science, humanities, culture or art.

The filmmaker, director or author is in charge of the proposal of the planned creative production. Additionally, proposals and topic suggestions have to include a descriptive project component, as well as a treatment and a financial statement (calculation of the production costs).

The following applies for all creative productions of the “educational media agreement”: The BMB is entitled to the distribution and reproduction of the material within the education sector exclusively. For educational, non-commercial purposes, the BMB is entitled to make use its productions (if necessary after modifications and alternations) through duplications, distribution via audio-visual carriers and screenings. Generally speaking, streaming and downloading of material covered by the contract of the agreement should be enabled only under certain circumstances and in selected places for the sole purpose of education; such as in schools and centres of adult education. Commercial use and exploitation of the material is strictly prohibited.

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