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PSM TV News Audience

- During peak days of COVID- 19 crisis, PSM evening news reached up to x 2 the average.

- The daily reach of PSM evening news increased up to over 45% of the population (the highest individual broadcast of ORF2 reached 43 %).

- On average + 14% more citizens turn in to PSM evening news in times of crisis. The viewing of PSM evening news grew across all demographics and target groups (younger viewers switched to evening news up to x 1.5 in the latest two weeks versus the start of the year).

- The more dramatic the crisis becomes, the more citizens turn to PSM TV.

PSM Online News Audience

- As citizens turn to trusted news sources during COVID-19 crisis, PSM daily reach of online news website up to x 2.7 (the daily average of page views of the ORF news content websites reached up to over 10 million).

- As for TV audience, the same applies for online: The more dramatic the crisis becomes, the more citizens turn to PSM online. The number of unique visitors started to significantly increase in the end of February to reach a peak on March 12 with more than 21 million unique visitors for news content.

Dedicated COVID-19 Content

Putting the needs of the citizens at the centre, PSM have reacted quickly to the challenges of the pandemic by modifying their programs and offers at fast speed. Next to traditional components of PSM remit (inform, educate and entertain), in times of crisis the support of citizens and industries plays an even more important role of PSM social responsibility.

- Regarding the remit of informing, EBU members have extended the number of news broadcasts, broadcast medical advice from experts, dedicated talk shows or have created special COVID-19 podcasts. In many cases, information programming is open for audience participation, allowing citizens to address their most pressing issues and ask urgent questions during a period of uncertainty.

- As far as education is concerned, educational content has been newly gathered or even created by a lot of PSM organizations within notably short time. PSM provide support to learn from home and help kids to maintain routines.

- As for the remit of entertainment, PSM use their well-filled archives to distract their audiences, but also invite artists to come up with new (living room) recordings. Some EBU members have increased the number of religious services broadcasts to fill the gap left by the cancellation of religious events.

- Last but not least, EBU members stimulate local help across people in a community in times of confinement and quarantine. PSM also helps co-ordinate local volunteer groups at their support of the elderly.