ORF-DialogForum "Fakten: Relativ? Alternativ? Diskursiv?"
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Arte with new format against fake news
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ORF legt Vorschlag für Änderungen des ORF-Angebots in Sozialen Medien vor
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»OPENup« - Public-Value-Report 2015/16

In the current ORF performance report ORF employees describe through projects from 2015/2016 their perception of media quality under the aspect “ORF opens up”. The organizations internal perspectives are extended through multiple contributions of external authors. The attached data booklet features countless data and facts about ORF- media production 2015.   [more]

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The Secret of the colors
Five quality dimensions and 18 performance categories define ORF public value. Those dimensions and categories derive from the ORF Act, ORF program guidelines, ORF mission statement as well as current demanded requirements by the society and the media development.  [more]

Research Paper » Generation What?«