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Texte D -  Dokumente, Gesetze und Regulative abspielen
Texte D - Dokumente
Gesetze und Regulative

#Next Generation
The Public Value Report 2016/17 is complemented by #Next Generation - a series of video interviews with ORF's youngest staff members discussing their demands for the future and how media can be of the highest quality.

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»Unfolding quality« - The Public Value Report 2016/17
Like in the years before ORF's staff members who work in TV, radio and online have been reflecting on their work and how to create public value for a public service broadcaster.  »Unfolding quality« - is the claim of this year's Public Value Report, which we took literally: Each of the five booklets to the Public Value quality dimensions can be unfolded to a poster.
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The Secret of the colors
Five quality dimensions and 18 performance categories define ORF public value. Those dimensions and categories derive from the ORF Act, ORF program guidelines, ORF mission statement as well as current demanded requirements by the society and the media development.  [more]

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