Dr. Alexander Wrabetz

Director General Dr. Alexander Wrabetz
Born 21st March 1960 Vienna

Educational background:
1970 - 1978: 2. Bundesgymnasium XIX Vienna
1978- 1983: University of Vienna; Law degree 03/1983: conferral of a doctorate Dr. jur.

Employment history:
1983: Law experience as law intern (BG XIX, criminal court, commercial court)
1982 - 1983: Freelancer ORF- Vienna regional studio
1984- 1987: Central Giro Institution and Austrian bank Sparkasse trainee program
Education and training in the areas of: credit, value paper, revision and controlling, abroad
Department international financing: trade financing, project financing
Group leader trade finance
1987-1992: Austrian industry holding AG (assistant of the chairman) appointment of the power of attorney (1989)
1990: Chief executive of the Austrian industries / OIAG

Further positions at the ÖIAG:
1988-1994: Deputy Chairman Board of Management of the VAMED GmbH;
1988 - 1994: Deputy Chairman of the Society Board of the VAMED of the associated company, operating company;
1988- 1992: Associate of the Board of Management of the Voest Alpine Intertrading GmbH;
1988- 1992: Associate of the Board of Directors of the Voest Alpine Trading corporation, Houston USA:
1988- 1992: Associate of the Society Board Voest Alpine Vertriebs Ges.mb.H;
1989- 1991: Associate of the Board of Management Kabel un Dragt AG, Vienna;
1990- 1992: Associate of the European Round Table of Industrialists;
1992- 1994: Voest Alpine Intertading Ges.m.b.H., Linz (Chief Executive)

Further positions:
Chairmen of the Managing Board of Voest Alpine resource trading company, Vienna
Chairman Board of Director of the Voest Alpine trading corporation, Houston /USA
Chairman of the Society Committee of the Voest Alpine resource supply organization,
1995- 1998: VAMED- group
VAMED engineering GmbH & Co KG
Planning and construction company, Vienna (CEO) VAMED AG, Vienna (Associate of the boars)
Further functions at the VAMED - enterprise:
CEO, member of Managing Board, deputy Chairman of the Admission Committee of the Therm Oberlaa Ges. M.b.H., Vienna; Chairman Admission Committee of KMB building management Ges.m.b.H; associate of the Board of Directors at VAMED engineering Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur; associate of the Board of Directors at P.T. VAMED engineering Asia, Jakarta; member of the Board of Directors at Philippine hospital development corporation, Manila.

Further positions:
1995- 1998: Associate of the ORF Board of Trustees
1998- 2006: ORF Commercial Director
Since 2007: Director General ORF

Other functions:
Chairman of the Managing Council ORF enterprise GmbH & Co KG Chairman of the Managing Board Austrian Public Service Broadcaster GmbH & Co KG
Chairman of the Managing Board of the fees info service GmbH CEO of TW1 operational management GmbH