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Digital Us

Digital Us
#34 Societal value: What should the ORF do for the public, for democracy in the digital world?
Susanne Schnabl & Wolfgang Wagner, presenter and responsible for the programme "Report
#35 How does orientation in the digital work?
Ulla Kramar-Schmid & Martin Thür, editor and presenter "ZiB 2"
#36 Do more research?
#37 How can ORF's information offer remain relevant in the face of digital information overload?
Fritz Jungmayr, responsible for the "Hohes Haus" programme
#38 What is the bark beetle doing in the net?
Barbara Battisti, Head of TV Business editorial office
#39 How do you talk about money today?
Digital Us
Constanze Grießler, Editor and Social Media Manager at ORF/3sat
#40 How does diversity enter the digital?
Katia Rössner & Judith Weissenböck, ORF Equal Opportunities Officer
#41-44 New game, new chances?
Numbers, data, facts
#45 How many contributions did ORF broadcast in 2020 for the respective keyword?
Irene Klissenbauer, Editor "Religion and Ethics - multimedia"
#46 Does God live on the net?
Clara Akinyosoye, Editor
#47 Religion and ethics - for all?
Hans Peter Trost, Head of Sports Editorial Office
#48 How can sport go digital?
Karoline Rath-Zobernig, Sports Editor
#49 Should sport be personalised?
Martin Harjung, Head of Words Ö3
#50 How important is a close relationship with the citizens?
Tina Ritschl, Ö3 presenter "Frag das ganze Land" (Ask the whole country)
#51 The comment function: curse or blessing?
Prof. Dr Wolfgang Duchkowitsch, University of Vienna
#52 What does science ask?
Yannick Kurzweil, Social Media Manager ORF2
#53 What is priority number 1?
David Riegler, Editor FM4
#54 Radical rethinking, but how?
Marlene Kaufmann, Editor ORF III
#55 Does digitalisation benefit integration?
Yilmaz Gülüm, editor of "Report
#56 Just more of the same?
Melisa Erkurt, "Die Chefredaktion" on Instagram
#57 What can the ORF learn from the "Chefredaktion"?
Alexander Baratsits, Founder of the Cultural Brodcasting Archive
If content is king then (own) data is king-kong
Matteo Collettini, Editor "Erlebnis Bühne" (Experience Stage)
#58 How does culture work in the digital?
Marin Alsop, Principal Conductor ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna
#59 How does an orchestra use digitalisation?
Numbers, data, facts
#60 What does ORF actually do in terms of culture?
Alina Zeichen, IG Kulturinitiativen (interest group of cultural initatives)
#61 What do the cultural initiatives want?
Siegfried Steinlechner, Editor TV Culture
#62 #howdoyougodigital ORF?
Thomas Wohinz, Head of RadioKulturhaus
#63 A house with future?
Elke Tschaikner, Head of Ö1 Music Editorial Office
#64 What thought enables free space in the digital?
Fränk Zimmer, "musikprotokoll" producer and co-curator
#65 How does audio streaming work?
Scheibsta, FM4 Scheibsta's Daily Rap Up
#66 What makes an ORF platform exciting for artists?