Individueller Wert Digital Me

Digital Me
Individueller Wert

Individual value
#1 What should the ORF do for the individual in the digital world?
Lukas Klingan, Content Developer U30 ORF Player
#2 What is the starting position?
Thomas Matzek, ORF Education, Science and Current Affairs
Digitisation makes education possible for all
Gabriele Wistawel, Cost Manager TV Education Editorial Office
#4 What's on the educational streaming platform?
Astrid Spielberger, program manger "bewusst gesund"
#5 How does the ORF become a digital doctor?
Eva Elsigan, Editor Online and New Media
#6 Can the TVthek set a precedent?
Monika Kalcsics, Editor Ö1
#7 How do we repair the future?
Fanny Stapf, host of "Fanny's Friday"
#8 More winks. How does Fanny's Friday work?
Anita Malli, Sustainability Officer
#9 How to communicate the climate crisis?
Matthias Schrom, Editor-in-Chief TV Information
#10 Trust: how is television changing?
Johannes Aigelsreiter, Editor-in-Chief of ORF Radios
#11 When is the new law coming?
Reiner Reitsamer, Editor ORF III
#12 Is there a digital campfire burning in the virtual living room?
Günter Hack, Editor
#13 How do you turn bits and bytes into understandable information?
Andreas Simhofer, editor „TELETEXT“
#14 Is there a place for "TELETEXT" in digital?
Gerd Endrich, Editor-in-Chief ORF Vorarlberg
#15 Digital election?
Robert Ziegler, Editor-in-Chief ORF Lower Austria
#16 How does digital tick?
Walter Schneeberger, Editor-in-Chief ORF Burgenland
#17 Are traditional playout channels enough for the audience?
Patrick Budgen, Editor ORF Vienna
#18 Better fast than right?
Believe me
#19 What requirements do ORF employees have to observe?
Figures, data, facts
#20 How much information does ORF currently broadcast on radio and television?
Franz-Joseph Huainigg, Commissioner for Accessibility
#21 How can ORF assume responsibility digitally?
Lisa Zuckerstätter, Head of Access Services
#22 Which means are suitable for accessibility?
#23 How can ORF help digitally?
Katja Zinggl-Pokorny, Editorial Director ORF nachlese
#24 What can be done about the digital divide?
Judith Langasch, editor of "konkret''
#25 What should be considered for service contributions?
Karl Ploberger, garden expert
#26 What is a digital garden?
Martin Moder, molecular biologist and member of the "Science Busters".
#27 How does an explainer video work?
Michaela Javorsky, Editor Programme Development and Quality Management
#28 How is digital transformation changing entertainment?
Liliane Jane Gartner, author and emperor's daughter
#29 What does the emperor's daughter say?
Retired Professor Dr. Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink
#30 What does science say?
Thomas Brezina, inventor of "Okidoki
#31 What do children need?
Antonia Stabinger, Editor FM4
#32 How long should entertainment be audible?
Gernot Kulis, Comedian Ö3
#33 Can the Callboy work digitally?