Unternehmenswert Digital Platform
Digital Platform

Digital Platform
#90 Enterprise value: What makes digital ORF more valuable to citizens?
Eva Reiter-Kluger, Head of TVthek
#91 What mindset does innovation need?
Robert Uitz-Dallinger, Project Manager Multimedia Newsroom
#92 What does the newsroom bring to the table?
Michael Wimmer, Office Manager of the Director General
#93 What is the workshop for?
Prof. Mag. Kurt Brazda
Lighthouses in the digital thicket
Digital Platform
Michael Schmid, Editor ORF ON
#94 What is the future of podcasts?
Karl Petermichl, Office Management Technical Directorate
#95 How much technology is coming in the future?
Gerald Heidegger, Editor-in-Chief
#96 Do we know the answer yet?
Helga Schwarzwald, Managing Director Verband Freier Rundfunk Österreich
#97 What are the top three media infrastructure proposals?
Andreas Heindl, Head of ORF Training
#98 What skills are needed?
A Selection
Prof. Dr. Hardy Gundlach, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg
#99 Transparency: What should public broadcasters emphasize?
Dr. Alfred Grinschgl, former Managing Director of RTR
#100 Who pays?
Klaus Unterberger, Head of Public Value Competence Center
#101 The question is not, "What's coming?" but rather, "What could be?!"
TransFORM - The Study