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Digital Global
#83 International value: How does ORF act as a digital bridge in Europe and to the world?
Petra Gruber, responsible for 3sat and arte
#84 Europe: 3sat and arte as pioneers?
Lilian Moschen, presenter "Kulturzeit''
#85 How will the presenter come into the living room in the future?
Digital Global
Raffaela Schaidreiter, ORF Brussels
#86 Better on the scene of the action?
Josef Estermann, sociologist of law Vicesse
#87 What applies in Switzerland to digitization and public service media?
Anja Fix, cultural editor at ZDF
#88 What should ZDFKultur do?
TV features from around the world - a selection
The world on ORF
Patrick Swanson (ZiB) & Christophe Kohl (ORF Correspondent USA)
#89 Is ZiB on Instagram an add-on product?