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Digital Local
#67 National Value: What should ORF do for Austria in digital?
Katharina Sunk, Editor ORF Lower Austria
#68 Federalism: What must a digital ORF be able to do?
David Runer, Central Editor-in-Chief ORF Tyrol
#69 What does the MediaLab do in Tyrol?
Maria Magdalena Pavitsich & Raphaela Pint, Editors ORF Burgenland
#70 Are regional journalism and young audiences a contradiction?
Angela Ganthaler, Editor ORF Vorarlberg
#71 Is the digital highway about conversation?
Judith Weissenböck, ME ORF Wien
#72 Kako uspijeva digitalizacija?
Roland Schupfer, Technical Director ORF Styria
#73 What does "iterative" mean in Styrian?
Thomas Riha, Editor ORF Upper Austria
#74 Who was first to enter the livestream?
Peter Paul Hahnl, Editor ORF Salzburg
#75 What can you find in the One-Stop-Shop of ORF Salzburg?
Numbers, data, facts
#76 What value does ORF add?
Martin Biedermann, Head of Marketing and Communication
#77 Of what use is the ORF to museums?
Katharina Schenk, Head of TV Film
#78 Is it allowed to dream?
Miran Kelih, ORF Koroška
#79 Identiteta: Kako pomembna je digitalizacija?
Digital Local
Gregor Stuhlpfarrer, "People & Powers" & "Universe History''
#80 How should ORF convey contemporary history?
Silvia Heimader, Editor Multimedia ORF Archive
#81 Why does the future need a memory?
Michael Vielhaber, Editor Multimedia ORF Archive
#82 Who benefits from the ORF archive?