ORF quality assurance system

ORF introduced the quality assurance system (§ 4aORF Act) in order to assure the compliance of the public service core mandate (§ 4ORF Act). The system takes independency, personal responsibility of all program producing employees, and the freedom of journalistic work into consideration. Furthermore, the system defines criteria and methods for those quality aspects.

Due to the recommendation of the appraiser Prof. Dr. Günter Struve, the ORF foundation-council approved on 3rd March 2011 the quality assurance system for the following year, in accordance with §4a Abs 2 ORF Act.

On 10th May 2011 the ORF audience-council took a positive note of the quality assurance system. In this meeting the audience-council came to the conclusion to demand from the managing department the following:” As a part of the quality assurance system the public should be consulted in regards to their satisfaction about ORF’s objectivity in terms of program categories, variety and profiles. Furthermore, the outcomes must be part of the evaluation process of the ORF overall quality profile.” In accordance to § 21 Abs 1 Z 6a ORF Act, the ORF foundation-council approved the audience-council demands on 12th May 2011.

Quality assurance system (2011)

On 15th November 2012 the foundation council came during the plenary meeting to the conclusion that former ZDF intendant Markus Schächter will act as independent appraiser of the overall ORF quality assurance system performance between 2012 and 2016, conformable to § 4a Abs ORF Act.

On 12th June 2013 the audience- council gave the following recommendation: “In the context of the quality assurance system the management of the company has to consult the public regarding their program satisfaction.”

At the plenary meeting on 6th November 2013 the ORF audience-council made the following recommendation: “Based on the findings of the previous quality assurance system, the director general has to report once a year to the audience council, what sanctions will be done in order to serve the public interest.“

On 20th November 2014 the ORF foundation-council concluded to approve the consolidated issue of the quality assurance system which has been amended conformable to §21 Abs 1 Z 6a ORF Act.

Quality assurance system (2014)

At the plenary meeting on 11th November 2015, the ORF audience-council decided on a new recommendation regarding diversity monitoring: variety of issues and topics is a crucial quality characteristic of the public service broadcaster. Considering the multimedia ORF newsroom the audience-council suggests to fix a quantitative and qualitative content-analytical monitoring; in order to secure topic diversity of the ORF programs. Additionally, once a year the findings have to be presented to the quality commission.

The below documents are exclusively available in German.

Quality assurance 2011
Public Value Report 2011
Public Value Annual Research 2011
The program-structure-analysis is available in the  Annual Report. 
ORF Audience Council Research 2011 

Quality Assurance System 2011
Sampling 2011
Quality profile evaluation 2011

Quality assurance  2012
Public Value Report 2012
Public Value Annual Research 2012
The program-structure-analysis is availble in the Annual Report.
ORF Audience Council Research 2012
Quality Assurance System 2012

Sampling 2012
Quality profile evaluation 2012

Quality assurance  2013
Public Value Report 2013
Public Value Annual Research 2013
The program-structure-analysis is availble in the Annual Report.
 ORF Audience Council Research 2013 (Part 1 / Part 2)
Quality Assurance System 2013 

Sampling 2013Quality profile evaluation 2013

Quality assurance 2014
Public Value Report 2014 (Part 1 / Part 2)
Public Value Annual Research 2014
 The program-structure-analysis is availble in the Annual Report.

ORF Audience Council Research 2014

Quality Assurance System 2014

Sampling 2014

Quality profile evaluation 2014

Quality assurance 2015

Public Value Report 2015 (Part 1/ Part 2)

Public Value Annual Research 2015

The program-structure-analysis is available in the Annual Report.

ORF Audience Council Research 2015

Quality Assurance System 2015
Sampling 2015
Quality profile evaluation 2015


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