Commercial communication

In this section you can find the rating scale of ORF’s commercial communication. According to the ORF Act ³ 13 (8):”The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation shall issue guidelines for commercial communication broadcast before, after or during children’s programs regarding foods and beverages containing nutrients and substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, in particular those such as fat, trans-fatty acids, salt/sodium and sugars, excessive intakes of which in the overall diet are not recommended. These guidelines require the consent of the regulatory authority and shall be published in a manner that is easily, directly and permanently accessible.”

Pursuant to Section 18 (1) ORF-G, the number of ad impressions used and charged annually to generate revenue for the ORF and its subsidiaries from commercial communication is limited for the ORF; the number of ad impressions must be recorded and published every six months in updated form. The figure is as follows:

- For the period January - June 2024: 1,183,584,805

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