Annual report

Pursuant to § 7 of the ORF Act, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation is obliged to submit a report to the Federal Chancellor and the regulatory authority by 31 March of each year on the fulfilment of the mandates pursuant to §§ 3 to 5 and on the implementation of §§ 11 and 12 in the previous calendar year. The report shall be broken down according to the mandates pursuant to Articles 3 to 5 and the requirements of Articles 11 and 12 and shall contain a detailed presentation of the measures and activities undertaken in accordance with the mandates, in particular in comparison to the respective previous year. The report shall also contain information on the coverage achieved, which shall be collected according to recognised scientific methods, and shall show the extent of the income generated from commercial communication. In addition, the type and scope of the commercial activities of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation and its subsidiaries shall be presented in a separate section. Finally, the report shall include a description of the application of and compliance with the criteria and procedures specified by the quality assurance system (§ 4a) in the design of the content offered.

The annual reports are only available in German.

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