Public Value quality dimensions

Five quality dimensions and eighteen performance categories keep record of ORF’s media performance, value and benefits for the audience. The dimensions and categories derive from the ORF-Act, ORF-regulations, ORF-guidelines as well as current demanded requirements from the society and media enhancement.

Individual value
ORF establishes a TRUSTFUL fundamental understanding of the world through extensive and factual accurate information. ORF service programs disseminate knowledge and support for numerous everyday life questions. ORF provides quality ENTERTAINMENT which means a versatile offer and quality standards, which consider requirements and high standard boundaries without advertising breaks. ORF takes RESPONSIBILITY and supports a direction towards common welfare.


Social value
ORF CULTURAL duty is to connect majorities with minorities. ORF news coverage offers ORIENTATION and support to understand the overwhelming news offer of the complex world. The foundation to this is to acknowledge the DIVERSITY of society. By providing the society a PUBLIC platform close to the society’s interests, demands and worries, ORF is able to build strong and close relationships with the public, which is of great importance to ORF. Additionally, ORF has an INTEGRATION purpose. ORF connects and brings people together regardless how diverse they might be.


Nation value 
ORF regional coverage signifies living FEDERALISM. Encouraging the Austrian culture and creativity generates APPRECIATION. ORF supports the discourse of Austrian IDENTITY with historic documentaries and initiatives.


International value 
ORF anticipates itself as the bridge between the WORLDEUROPE and Austria. Amongst other components this is achieved through the support of the biggest Austrian correspondent network and the assistance of European broadcasters and media networks.


Corporate value
TRANSPARENCY and confirmability of the company as well as constant progressions of the employee’s EXPERTISE are necessity to ORF. Through quality assurance ORF is able to implement what the audience demands: the capability of INNOVATION in radio, TV and online.

SO GEHT - Der Public Value Bericht 2019/20
Der aktuelle Public Value-Bericht des ORF besteht aus fünf Einzelheften mit Überblicksinformation. Eine umfangreiche Dokumentation mit den Artikeln und Beiträgen in voller Länge, zahlreichen Beispielen und Videostatements finden Sie auf

Der TRAILER zum Public Value Bericht 2019/20
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The secret of the colors
ORF Public Value is defined by five quality dimensions and 18 performance categories. They are derived from the ORF Act, the ORF programme directives, the ORF guiding principles and current requirements in the society and media developments. [more]