Public Value Report

The ORF-Public-Value- Report is a performance and benefit balance of ORF, which represents ORF services and activities structured by the quality dimensions. The report discusses in debt the specific program content and duties. Additionally, the report creates an extensive documentation of the ORF performances. ORF Public Value Report includes a descriptive list of all ORF online and offline activities, structured by 5 quality dimensions and categories (based on ORF Act, §4 program mandate, §5 special mandates, §10 program principles).

Quality dimensions:

1.1 Individual value
1.2 Social value
1.3 Nation value
1.4 International value
1.5 Corporate value

will be structured by categories and labelled with correspondent criteria; which are illustrated and presented on this website. The print version of the report is available here. The report is supplemented with the print publications “TEXTE”, which are published in irregular intervals and the academic issues. Here you can find all Public Value Reports.