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Hinter den Kulissen

The news-center in the ORF´s radio broadcasting house in Vienna is the heart of the Austrian broadcasting cooperations nationwide radio news broadcasting. This is where bulletins and news-programs are produced. For Ö1, ORF radio´s cultural and news channel, for the regional radio stations and for the German language news on the youth culture radio station FM4. This is also where ORF´s breaking news service on twitter is produced. And where the radio weather team works. The news center is also where the headlines for the news-service on teletext are compiled and the content for the radio is transcribed for Ö1 online.

The daily cycle for round-the-clock information begins with the early morning meeting. Individual departments, such as politics, foreign affairs and business news, as well as the arts, science and religion put forward their proposed stories. Colleagues from the pop-station Ö3 which is located in a different part of Vienna take part via video-link.

[Volle Information zur vollen Stunde. Ö3-Nachrichten. Es ist 10 Uhr - Brisanter Rechnungshofbericht. Ein Fonds des Innenministeriums soll Steuergeld rechtswidrig verteilt haben…]

Ö3 produces its own news bulletins which are broadcast every hour on the hour. Ö3 also provides a wide range of sports coverage.

[Hallo Niki, Gerhard Prohaska, ORF Sport. Bitte um ein kurzes Interview.]

International news summaries for the regional radio stations as well as the teletext-news are produced at the news desk. The hour-long midday news-magazine on Ö1 needs a lot of detailed planning. After the meeting, the editors and reporters get off to work. There are only two hours to go. All ORF radio stations, the regional broadcast studios and the TV-center are connected to the same internal text-system. Everyone is checking the international news wires, recording and editing reports with digital radio software. In the studio it is quiet but the countdown has begun. Reporters who haven’t gone out are writing scripts and editing interviews. Outside reporters like those at the weekly Austrian cabinet Meeting are still waiting for the ministers to deliver their press statements. Although the radio program is already on air.
Editors at the news desk are compiling world news for the regional radios as well as the German language news for the morning show at FM4. This is also where the exchange of local and national news is coordinated with the regional studios. The teletext team writes the headlines for the TV screens – a preview for the midday news-magazine is also posted here as well as on social media.
Just minutes to go: As the most comprehensive news round up at the radio Ö1 begins at 12 noon some of the reports are still being worked on.

[Österreich 1. 12 Uhr – Jingle. Mittagsjournal. Mit Agathe Zupan im Studio, herzlich willkommen…]

The news-teams from radio and television as well as individual journalists have won many prestigious awards. As the midday news magazine is on air, reports for the program are still being finalized.

[So, von uns aus geht´s]

After 50 minutes of news and analysis the program is concluded with news in three languages: German, English and French. Each news program is documented and archived, so that important sound material can be easily retrieved for future years. Some of news center reporters also work on more detailed features and documentaries for other programs. The news center is in operation around the clock. We deliver the latest news – reliably and actually. On teletext, online, on social media and of course on the radio.
Stay tuned!

365 Tage Building Bridges, Hinter den Kulissen des ESC (Wien heute) abspielen
365 Tage Building Bridges
Hinter den Kulissen des ESC (Wien heute)
Neue Gesichter im Studio, Vorarlberg heute abspielen
Neue Gesichter im Studio
Vorarlberg heute

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