Completed order verification examinations

1. Focus service archive
2. „Ö1 goes school“
3. ORF III – culture and information

1. Focus service archive
Proposal amendment

A archive featuring Radio Voralberg programs "Focus- topics for life" should be provided at and therefore the current service of should be amended. In the programs well-respected speakers provide and elaborate their understanding of live and support the audience to get a better understanding of the world.
For this new concept a order verification examination has been executed (§ 6 ORF Act). ORF established a proposal regarding the changes of In order to allow all affected environments to give statements, ORF published the proposal on 26.6.2012. KommAustria, the Public Value council and the federal competition board (BWB) approved the proposal 14.11.2012 (§6 ORF Act).

Proposal for amendment you can find here.
The changed concept of you can find here.
Until the 10.8.2012, all affected people had the chance to submit statements regarding the planned services.
You can find below the statements:

Statements AK | Statements WKÖ

2. Ö1 goes school

The amendments of the federal law give ORF more opportunities regarding online-activities (§§ 4f iVm 50 Abs 3 Z 2 ORF Act). In order to give affected environments the opportunities to submit statements, ORF published on 31.3.2011 ORF published an elaborated concept proposal about a teaching and study service “Ö1 goes school”. On 23.5.2011 the proposal was presented to KommAustria, which approved the proposal in corporation with the federal competition board and Public Value council on 21.11.2011.

You can find the proposal for "Ö1 goes school" here .
KommAustria approval from the 21. 11. 2011, KOA 11.267/11-008 can be found here.
Until the 16.11.2012, all affected people had the chance to submit statements regarding the planned services.

 3. ORFIII – culture and information

As a result of the amendment of the federal laws in October 2010, ORF launched the information-oriented thematic channel ORF III. Prior to the launch, the elaborated proposal had to pass the order verification examination.
ORF published the ORF III online and offline activities proposal on 5.11.2010; furthermore, ORF submitted the proposal on the 23.12.2010 to KommAustria. On 18.5.2011 ORF PV council, the federal competition board and KommAustria approved the proposal.

The approved proposal for the information and culture channel, as well as the online service can be found here.
The KommAustria approval from 18. Mai 2011, KOA 11.240/11-024 can be found here. The foundation council decided on restrictions concering the commercial communication of ORFIII (more).

The concept verification for the information and culture channel can be found here.


All affected people had the possibility to submit statements until 21 December 2010. Please find the statements below.
We are thankful and very much appreciate the huge interest in this information and culture oriented channel.
Statement privat 01
Statement privat 02
Statement privat 03
Statement privat 04
Statement Arbeiterkammer
Statement ATV
Statement designaustria
Statement Industriellenvereinigung
Statement ÖBSV
Statement ÖGLB
Statement Seniorenrat
Statement Verein Aktive Arbeitslose
Statement VÖP
Statement VÖZ
Statement WKO


The aim of this proposal was to grant affected people and publics the possibility to comment on On 26.11.2012 the proposal was submitted to KommAustria and in July 2013 the proposal was partially approved by the Public Value council and KommAustria.
Please find the proposal for the amendments here.

Please find the statements below:
Statement ATV
Statement Bundesarbeitskammer
Statement SevenOne Media
Statement VÖP
Statement VÖZ

The order verification proposal for (publsihed 02. 08. 2013) can be found here.
The KommAustria approval from 12.7.2013, KOA 11.261/13-015 is available here.
The BKS announcement regarding the ORF appeal from 11.11.2013, 611.998/0004-BKS/2013,can be found here.


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