Hier finden Sie Neuigkeiten und Informationen aus Österreich, Europa und der Welt zu aktuellen Entwicklungen unter anderem in den Bereichen »Public Value«, »öffentlich-rechtliche Medien«, sowie »Qualitätsjournalismus«.

This book presents the collectively authored Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto and accompanying materials.The Internet and the media landscape are broken. The dominant commercial Internet platforms endanger democracy. They have created a communications landscape overwhelmed by surveillance, advertising, fake news, hate speech, conspiracy theories, and algorithmic politics. Commercial Internet platforms have harmed citizens, users, everyday life, and society. Democracy and digital democracy require Public Service Media. A democracy-enhancing Internet requires Public Service Media becoming Public Service Internet platforms - an Internet of the public, by the public, and for the public; an Internet that advances instead of threatens democracy and the public sphere. The Public Service Internet is based on Internet platforms operated by a variety of Public Service Media, taking the public service remit into the digital age. The Public Service Internet provides opportunities for public debate, participation, and the advancement of social cohesion.

Accompanying the Manifesto are materials that informed its creation: Christian Fuchs' report of the results of the Public Service Media/Internet Survey, the written version of Graham Murdock's online talk on public service media today, and a summary of an discussion of the Manifesto's foundations.

The Manifesto can be signed by visiting


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Quality Booklet
Quality on the test bench. The ORF is committed to an extensive quality assurance system, which is to control and optimise the fulfilment of the legal public service mandate. and optimise the fulfilment of its legal public service mandate. This first-ever collection of articles documents the individual measures and provides answers how academics and media professionals assess the quality of public service broadcasting. [more] 


Data Booklet
How does the ORF fulfil its public service mission? The Public Value Report publishes a wide range of data and makes transparent with which productions which productions on TV, radio and online value and benefit for individual citizens and and society. Articles by editors provide a glimpse behind the behind the scenes of programme production. [more]


Die ORF Expertinnen-Datenbank
The aim of the Expert Women Database is to improve or increase the visibility and perceptibility of women experts in the ORF media of television, radio and online. The Expert Women Database is an initiative of ORF Equality and the Public Value Competence Center. [more]

The Denk|Raum is an offer for young media makers at ORF. In discussion events and workshops, we deal with topics that concern our future: digital transformation, multimedia, new technologies, artificial intelligence and innovation, but also corporate culture, transparency, proximity to citizens, independence and reliability. It is about the ORF of the future. How we change it, how we shape it. [more] 

Wie gelingt die digitale Transformation? Im Transform-Studio bitten Isabelle Richter & Viktoria Tatschl ORF-Mitarbeiter*innen zum Gespräch. [Die Videos]

The secret of the colors
ORF Public Value is defined by five quality dimensions and 18 performance categories. They are derived from the ORF Act, the ORF programme directives, the ORF guiding principles and current requirements in the society and media developments. [more]