Public Service Media provides guidance

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Katharine Sarikakis, Universität Wien

“In our days, because we are so much used to work with commercial media we, you know, we connect and we network on platforms, on social networking platforms that are actually private. The public value for a public service medium is there where you can get some guidance, you can get background information, you can rely on the information you receive. But at the same time you can trust the kind of cultural product this medium is offering you – so it’s a cultural product for example that is diverse, it’s pluralistic, it is fair and it is cosmopolitan.

Neue Gesichter im Studio, Vorarlberg heute abspielen
Neue Gesichter im Studio
Vorarlberg heute
Warum man „The Team“ nicht verpassen sollte, Heinrich Mis, ORF Filmchef abspielen
Warum man „The Team“ nicht verpassen sollte
Heinrich Mis, ORF Filmchef
Birgit Schwarz setzt eine Tradition fort, Birgit Schwarz, Bürochefin ORF-Berlin abspielen
Birgit Schwarz setzt eine Tradition fort
Birgit Schwarz, Bürochefin ORF-Berlin

Public Value Bericht 2017/18